Challenge Accepted: Choose to Challenge

Mar 8, 2021 | 0 comments

Let’s talk about challenge. Because challenge and failure go hand in hand.

Bounce back from failure — is an essential component of success ~Angela Lee Duckworth

It’s a will to succeed and a will to survive. Getting to the top, means climbing the mountain. So don’t play small. In life or in sports. Play forward & Pay it forward:)

Here we have a campaign that’s encouraging women to post a black and white photo of themselves. Initiative to empower through social media and have our voices heard, faces seen, recognition for self and each other. Rooted in raising awareness against the global pandemic of violence against women and in celebration of International Women’s Day.

But is this a permission to post? Because I don’t think we need permission here.

We can all post a photo of ourselves as a reminder that we’re here to support and inspire each other.
Let’s do something positive! We will build ourselves, instead of tearing us apart.

Thank you to the many strong women in my life. My mother, my sisters especially @msdwong. My family, my friends, colleagues and clients for continuous inspiration. We would not exist in each other’s lives if it wasn’t for this purpose, if it wasn’t to share our strength and encouragement. Experience builds grit. Courage to walk through the flames to get to brighter days. Real challenge, real triumph.

I see: myself in nature
I feel: power
I hear: the ocean
Inner voice awareness: The ability to find peace and solitude in this space to energize, be still, calm, and play forward.

~Embrace the Challenge~

Photo: @mikepbres

Posted By: Janice

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