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May 18, 2020 | 0 comments

Had the world kept turning on it’s regular course, today would have been the closing day for @the.drawout Tofino retreat, right here in one of my all time fave places to call home:) Silver lining is that there is now more time to win a spot for the retreat happening this Fall.

I felt wrapped up in warmth, in their first annual in Mexico, and although travel plans may have been postponed for many of us, there are fewer places I would rather be ‘stuck’, than beautiful Tofino, BC.  I’ve been spending my days focused on projects, studying, and working on work! Making sure I’m connecting with the planet each day, by getting outside, dipping my toes in the Ocean, and enjoying nature under it’s lush canopies.

Surfing and being on the Ocean for me means time connected to source. An energy that awakens me, re-energizes, and brings me immense joy. So grateful to have the Ocean right here to plug into and play, find release, get centered and deeply ground into my own being.

Bring in your own retreat this Oct. 22-25, 2020

Photo: @lindsayhenwood

Posted By: Janice

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