Building Blocks To Success

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What are the building blocks for setting yourself up for success?

It’s about identifying what really matters for you first and prioritizing. Here are 8 building blocks to set yourself up.

1. Don’t be afraid to take risks – Fear of failure can cause anyone to choke and there will always be haters, non-believers, self-doubt and negative self-talk to battle through. Put fear in the back seat and create some positive affirmations. “I’ve got this”

Fear never goes away completely, but it’s there to challenge. It’s about letting it know who’s boss, and getting back in the drivers seat.

2. Take the long journey – Success doesn’t happen overnight. The truth is success happens over years of commitment. Getting to the top takes a lot of hard work. It’s about breaking it down into little steps instead of giant leaps that can become overwhelming. Focus on practice and staying consistent on small sustainable changes. Consistency and willpower are the keys here.

3. You are your own best opponent – compete with yourself. It’s about being the best version of yourself. Being your best, instead of being the best. There is always room for improvement and in order to achieve that there needs to be a belief in your innate ability to do so! Believe in yourself and your ability to constantly improve. Strive for progression, instead of perfection. Be grateful for what you have and continue on your path.

4. Follow your intuition – Relax the mind and start paying attention to that inner voice. What is it telling you? If you’re wrestling with a monkey mind filled with doubt and negativity, maybe it’s time to flip the switch, reframe, and focus on positive self-talk. Once you can relax the mind and tap into that deeper consciousness, the answers are there existing for you.

5. Get real on what you want and set realistic, achievable goals – Attaining goals takes a real investment on both mental and physical energy. It’s about showing up, bringing the effort, and being persistent and patient as things unfold. The journey to goals and dreams can sometimes be a long, difficult and painful process, but it’s important to stay real and stay positive. Keep your eye on the prize while staying in tuned with what’s happening for you in the now✨

6. Surround yourself with the right people – Your sphere should be made up of good people that are successful and truly supportive of your goals. They should bring encouragement and positive energy to the table. In order to be successful, you need to feel it. Take the steps to rid your life of negative energy and people. As they say, the 5 people that you feel closest with have the biggest impact on your life and success. Choose wisely.

7. Don’t be afraid to ask for help – It never hurts to get help from a friend, loved one, or trained professional such as a coach or mentor. Depending on your circumstance, a trained professional with an outside perspective can be the best person to bring the best out of you. Try to stay open minded to the fact that achieving success sometimes means switching things up and using a different technique, strategy or even a different coach or teacher. New skills may be required and although behaviours and patterns can be habitual, abilities are not written in stone and are changeable. Sometimes it just takes a new perspective and a new approach.

You Can Do It.

8. Have grit – don’t give up, keep trying. Have commitment for long term goals, stand firm when challenges and difficulties rear their ugly heads. Facing adversity is part of the journey. Training and plans can often take a curveball and it takes real strength and guts to get through unexpected detours. Having resilience is a sign of success and achievements are often built on our abilities to see it through, sticking it through the tough stuff.

Keep Going!


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