Choosing Your Line

Sep 28, 2020 | 0 comments

What is most important to you? What gives you those shivers of joy and makes your heart beat fully?

For me, I value the ocean. Being in it, surfing, the natural environment, and all it’s flora and fauna. In my life I value my family, my friends, real relationships, honesty, truth, kindness, respect, trust and communication. I honor reliability and actions that fall in line with words. Getting real on what you want.

These all help to etch the paths that we take, and sometimes these are the paths less followed. Maybe they don’t exist yet, or which aren’t the majority taken. The paths less troddened, but rather the paths that YOU Want to create✨

However, a life lived following your passions and purpose is a life well lived, because once you know your line, than all the other little puzzle pieces can fall into place. Creating meaningful intentions and following your line, helps to make those important decisions, brings clarity to your options. Your choices.

Fall into alignment with yourself and your choices will become clearer. Drop into your inner alignment and the rest will follow in what is meant to be. When you choose your line, it may not always be effortless, but follow your heart, your inner knowing… and let that set you free.

Photo: @bryannabradleyphotography
Cold water surfers in Canada
Staying warm in @oneillcanada @oneillusa wetsuits

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