Circle One: Ring Of Power

Jun 17, 2021 | 0 comments

This is for the trailblazers. The firsts. The pioneers, the imagineers, the creatives, the brave ones that decide to go first, to try first or decide they are the ones to make it to the top. The winners in every sense of the word.

We’ve put in the effort to grind away to make the progress we’ve made through the days.

The winners, the pioneers, the ones. You are not alone. Perhaps a lonely path to take if others don’t see the light that you reach for. Through journeys we take we go into the unknown. It’s what we accomplish that builds the bridges. So that others don’t have to trek through the mud and brush, so thick and deep. Paving the way so that you may not have to fall and fumble so hard. Pick yourself up and slowly learning the way.

We have fallen to rise again, creating a path to the door once non-existent, nor even open. We’ve created the space in our belonging. It’s the courageous and brave that hold the desire to go first, bringing us to this day.

When you find your way, the path leads out into a healing light. Let the moon and the sun and the stars shine over you. Let them revolve around you ?… Soak it in …

Step out into the open circle you’ve created and allow the feelings flow over you.

The firsts have seen their days in all their shades. Raise your hands and hit the heart if you agree ♥︎

Are you ready to win?
Are you grinding it to the top?
Are you one of the winners?

Don’t stop now.
Here to support you in your endeavors. One coaching slot available, an opportunity to book in with me now✨

Let us speak to our peace. This is what discovery is all about. No one can ever take away the experiences and truths that you hold.

It is because you’ve created a change.

Because you’ve sparked and made that difference.

It is the difference in you, that makes you.

The One.


Staying warm and comfortable in @oneillcanada wetsuits.

Feat. Creative work:
? @bryannabradleyphotography
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Be the Champion You Can Be

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