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So what is

Mental  Game

Mental game coaching, also referred to as mental training, helps to build mental toughness in performance for athletes. Mental coaching helps individuals perform with confidence whether that be on stage, in an arena, or in competition. Aspects such as confidence, composure, focus and concentration, can be enhanced with mental coaching which helps athletes improve these mental skills within their sports and performance arenas. Mental coaching can help athletes uncover faulty thinking and beliefs that interfere with peak performance and entering a flow state.

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A mental game coach helps athletes train in:

Who is Mental Coaching For?

Anyone who deals with performance under pressure can benefit from the help of a well-trained coach, and it is common practice in many sports. Together, the goal is to improve performance by learning how to have pro-active confidence and trust in your skills.


Benefits from mental coaching can be achieved when you know you want to bring your practice performance to competition. In addition, mental coaching can aid you if you are:

• Performing inconsistently in competition.
• Having a loss in confidence or are in a slump.
• Becoming distracted easily during competition.
• Getting upset easily after mistakes.
• Feeling tight or anxious in competition.
• Not having fun in your sports or are no longer enjoying your sports.
• Aren’t taking your skills to competition.
• Performing safe or tentatively.
• Having a fear of making mistakes.
• Worrying too much about what others think.
• Bouncing back from injury or needing to cope with injury or loss.
• Faced with team bullying.
• Dealing with some other sports related trauma.

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