Janice Wong

Being involved in the non-profit world for over 15 years, Janice firmly believes in creating the changes you wish to see. She has a passion for helping others and has a background in empowering women, self-empowerment, personal growth work, with extensive experience in her career supporting individuals through major life transitions.

Janice cares about creating social impact. As an inspired adventure seeker, she’s on a mission to create and collaborate; to share and express her knowledge as a coach, surf instructor and brand ambassador.

Her desire is to be a beacon of light to those around her and to help others be the creators of their own reality. In life the paths we take are the ones we choose, life is a journey, go explore!

Janice has been recognized as Top NLP Coach by Coach Foundation, one of the biggest names in the coaching industry.
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As an NLP and MGCP certified coach, Janice is driven to help her clientele in overcoming hurdles through mental training developed using tried and tested approaches in the realms of positive psychology, neuroscience, sport psychology and life coaching, drawing deeply from both her personal and professional experience. 
As a seasonal surf instructor, Janice has worked with a number of successful surf schools in the quaint fishing and surf town of Tofino
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For over a decade she has developed her skills in the surf and marine industry, teaching people how to surf at the beautiful beaches of her home and taking tourists to outlying areas for remote adventures.

Janice has been involved in various commercial and modeling projects for Sport Chek, Garmin, Nissan Canada, Destination BC,

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Travel Alberta, Parks Canada, and Tourism Tofino that depict the beauty of outdoor BC and surrounding areas on the West Coast. Her love for the ocean and nature has drawn her to Vancouver Island at an early age to live the lifestyle of her dreams and to pursue her passions as an avid surfer and diver. Janice resides in Tofino, travelling frequently for work and leisure.

With competition experience earlier in her life, Janice came to quickly realize her identity as a soul surfer at heart, embracing the ocean as a place of depth and challenge for personal development, growth, discovery and healing, pure pleasure and enjoyment. Her deep connection with the ocean has brought her to not only love surfing as a sport, but also as an artform, and medium for grounding in the elements.

Her love for independent sports and challenge is also reflected in her love for self development work, and she continuously strives to build on her knowledge and education as a coach, connecting mind and body. She loves to train and further her practice in all areas, in order to better herself and be of service to her growing clientele.

As a woman that thrives on creating change, and living new experiences and adventures, Janice looks forward to connecting with you to create magic with her skills to guide you in your inner discoveries and outer explorations. Creating more depth and meaning to help express the authenticity of you.

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