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It’s so easy to be in the comforts of home. Yet what I love about travel are the rewards it brings with new experiences and people. In areas in which we may not fully understand, but have a curiosity for. Every destination is an opportunity to explore, discover, learn, as a traveler, building new friendships, and fruitful connections with the most interesting of humans.

I am constantly amazed by the openness, warm energies, welcoming hearts and sharing and caring received. As they say, like attracts like. Clockwork into why things happen as they happen. Even when we are miles apart. Drawn to each other, in mysterious ways. In community amongst our fellow surfers, even if we’ve known each other for but a minute. There lies a common understanding, a common thirst to be searching for that next wave.

My original plan for this winter was to take off to NZ. But we need to be adaptable during these times, and stay flexible. Bend as things unfold. Grasping opportunities as they fly across our face:) You can certainly travel abroad, but you can also travel close to home…and even closer, travel within yourself. Exploration within the landscape of our lives and experiences…

Our maps of the world?

We are but a speck in the grand universe. Yet we all have our place. Do you have the desire to discover further outside of your home? Outside of your comfort? Do you have the desire to explore the depths of your soul?

Want to escape winter doldrums?

Take the chance, the skies the limit.

Photo: @arvo.sessions
Clothing: @roparippa LIVE IN IT


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