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Look at yourself. Who you have become.

Our lives exist on a timeline, and who we are today, is most certainly different from who we were 1 year ago, 3 years ago, 10 years ago. Even only a few days or minutes ago. Our bodies change, our minds change, even our very minuscule cells change from moment to moment.

Life is always changing, in a state of flux. Yet sometimes we may feel things can become stagnant. Feeling and wondering where is there room to grow? And how to get there, in which way, and where to?

Our very human experience along this timeline of growth, is real and unique to each one of us. We all have our own story and means of learning and growing into The Who we are meant to become. And more importantly, who and what we Want to become.

The how is about exploration and awareness. Realization into these aspects of our lives. That help to shape the being of our Wholeness.

Our lives, and who we are, are built from our intersecting identities. Which makes each one of us, uniquely our own. We are special. YOU are special.

It’s about understanding those special things about yourself that help you grow, and embrace your wholeness and uniqueness to this world. What are you here for on this planet? And what are you going to do in return?

I am thankful?
I care for myself and others
We are all humans
We belong to the planet
Let’s be one
And help each other and the planet
Give and Love Yourself First

Photo: @bryannabradleyphotography
Cold water surfers in Canada
Staying warm and flexible:) @oneillcanada @oneillusa wetsuits

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