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How are you reinvigorating your life with new challenges? New beginnings, new experiences?

Most people associate the fall as a season of transition. The changing of the tides. However, this summer has been for me, a tuning into a new key, an exciting sense of knowing that I’ve found my lift, and taken flight on a new mission. Successfully planning your route, hitting your target goals, and reaching significant milestones you’ve been tirelessly working on is one of the best feelings in the world.

Time to brush off the dust and let the tumbleweeds roll.

Proud to say that I have officially completed my MGCP, Sport Psych Certificate to build on my private practice as an NLP active life coach. What a moment!

Beyond happy and proud. Big thanks to everyone who’s supported me along the way, I am truly grateful for YOU. Thank you for continuing to follow my journey here and more on my ventures soon! For those that are just tuning in. Welcome to my world, I feel blessed to have you here:)

Endless love, Mucho amor??


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